Monday, July 13, 2009

Dress you up in my love...

Ah, I forgot when I was posting earlier.

Finally got my wireless working at home so I was able to resize and upload the pictures from the last two weeks of my various adventures. Insert: "WOO!" here.

So, to kick off, here's my new corset. I have no idea when I will wear this thing, but it was so cute. And I'm such a girl.


Let's see if I can get this to work right.

More to come.

Until then, most of my pictures are open for public view.

Week of July 4th

Week of July 12th


  1. very cute. torso way better than a 6, so .. you're either hideous or have a huge ass! (kidding, kidding...)

    alien guy was cool.

    i thought the loft thing was over? so you are posting that pic as a wistful, might-have-been memory? or is there's a chance you'll stay involved with that?

    pics are cool - they enhance the blog. screen not so consistently black-hole-ish on the eyes any more.

  2. You should fear my ghetto booty, sir.

    The loft thing is, supposedly, over. But I took the picture. It's a memory, something I'm very bad with (goldfish like whoa), so I have to keep everything I can. If GV8 stays true to what he says, I will be invited to club nights and the like. I'm not holding my breath- men say many things, but until they do them, I'm just going to count it as a no.

    I'm going to start using pictures more in the future, though that means blogging about certain topics may be delayed, or pictures may be added in later. We'll see how it works out.

    And what's wrong with black holes?

    Also, did you take your screen name from Steve Miller's The Joker? I've been meaning to ask.

  3. booty is to be loved, not feared.

    pics can be asynchronous with text - doesn't matter. they still enhance what you're trying to convey.

    your life reminds me of the one month i spent in LA on business - august '07. i worked 9 to 5, and was out on the town exploring EVERY SINGLE NIGHT NAD WEEKEND. what a blast. i am an east coast animal and found, to my surprise, that i really liked LA once i got used to it. so the pics kinda brought that back more than the text.

    black is OK, but toggling back and forth between your screen and conventional white ones means ususally heavy iris activity.

    also - do i seem like a picker, a grinner, a lover, or a sinner to you? or all four? i don't get my lovin' on the run, so there's a strike against me. but i definitely sure don't want to hurt no one. no midnight toking either - those days are behind me.

    that's not really an answer, so i'll just say yes that's where i took it from. why not? what better handle for PUA-site posting than the gangster of love? :-)