Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, gark.

Mr. Brush-off has expressed interest in hooking up again.

Win, right?

So I do what any mildly internet-savvy girl would do: check his myspace.

In a relationship?


That had better not be accurate or this chick is out of here. I don't touch other people's belongings ever, no matter how hung and built they are.

My response to his email:

"Sure, I'm up for hanging out, finding an actual bed and all... but I did my mandatory myspace check and yours says that you're in a relationship. That accurate?"

I'm thinking not so good odds in him getting back to me.

Fortunately, as C said to me last night, "I was surprised you were moping over GV8. You get guys like..." snaps fingers, "that."

There's always another suitable guy in the future. That future may be tonight or next week, but it's not a matter of finding guys interested in me as much as finding guys that I'm interested in.

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