Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reading Steinbeck's East of Eden.


He's so damn good. His characters, his dialogue, his understanding of the human psyche and... god. Wow.

The very last bit of Part One, the encounter between Cathy and Charles, that was perfect. That was everything. They met, the recognized each other as similiar creatures, something they should avoid. Both had beasts inside them. Warily stalking around each other, until finally accepting the truth: only this other person would understand them. Only with this person could they be their true selves that others would fear should they but know.


I'm almost a third in and I already love this book, drawn out of a stack on a whim.

If I could do nothing but read, dance, write, travel, and screw, I'd be a happy girl.


  1. So what if anything is going on with GV8? Nothing with his label in a while now. You seem to not be going out with him yet not have broken with him either. Is his semi private club idea still going forward? Are you still involved/central to that?

  2. Hrm. You're right. I went out with him... eh, I think two weeks ago? A good night of marathon sex, breakfast in the morning. The usual. We chat, we text, but we're both busy. He does have a company to run, along with the private club going up.

    No, we're not going out. We're just sleeping together. There's no point in breaking it off, we enjoy the sexual dynamic we have.

    His semi-private club idea is in full swing, construction is going well, he thinks it'll be up in a few weeks, I'm guessing a month and a half. I'm not central or involved in it anymore, but I am going to be an attendee and, at this point, his partner for the events.

  3. Would you do something as an experiment for me V Poetry? Would you say to GV8 that you've been thinking about the convos you've had with him about your liking to pickup men sometimes to "keep your hand in" and feel your powers and all, but that it bothers him and makes him feel distant from him.

    But you've been thinking about it and you are drawn to him and want to please him. But you're a very horny girl who needs a lot of sex and he doesn't have enough time for you.

    What if you asked him first. So your escapades would never embarrass him? What if he sometimes found guys for you to just fuck or failing that, you asked his permission first?

    I have a strong feeling just about all his squick about your pickup and playing would go away. Once he started to believe you anyway.

    Of course I'm operating from the premise that you're a lot more drawn to him than you've wanted to admit including to yourself, since he pulled away from bf/gf status and made it just fucking.

  4. Well, I went out with GV8, and over dinner I started probing him to see his reaction, to see if he really had moved past the potential relationship we had going, and it looks as though he has. Yes, disappointing, but I really don't think that he's a good match for me in the long run, so this is for the best.

    I am going to be using this opportunity, our particular situation, to see what I can do within such a framework. I've never had a lover/potential boyfriend turn this way before, purely to sex, so I'm going to try some things, see how it works out.

    However, if things start turning a little more serious, I will certain propose to him what you suggested. I think it would be a good compromise, something he could work with and enjoy, as he likes to see me pleasing other men. I'll let you know if it happens.