Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The flesh, the guts, the entrails, the inner most parts...


I'd like to take this time to thank GV8 for the strategically placed bitemarks, not all of which you can see.

But this was more for a decent shot of my tattoo (though part of it you can't see, I admit) than anything.


  1. Jeez. You have such beautiful skin.

    This shot makes me think of the DH Lawrence poem "Gloire de Dijon" -- one of the all-time great poems about bathroom semi-nudity.

  2. Oh, I love both the tattoo and the bitemarks. And I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of both. ;-)

  3. Nice shot! boobs a little floppier, and ass a little flatter, than i imagined from the corset shot. but that's neither here nor there: very nice. Now you can go try out for "True Blood" or the "Twilight" sequel.

    Tat still awesome.

    Glad things are working out...

  4. TKOG,

    Aw, thanks. I like to rebel against California tans by remaining as pale as possible. And that was a beautiful poem.


    No, I didn't. Some men you bite back, some men hold you down and mark you as property, and biting those men... not always the best idea.


    Maybe one day I'll end up married and hanging out with Ashley as well... :P


    We can't all be amazingly hot, out here in Los Angeles. The ass, though, is not flat. That would be the angle of the picture. I have a definite and oft-commented on ski-slope ass.

    Speaking of, that reminds me there's a picture someone took of me that I have to hunt down.

  5. You're a lot pudgier than I thought you were. This upsets me.

  6. Wow, those last 2 assholes were just rude...very nice picture!