Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I... got a standing ovation in class last night.


In class, group project, taking a particular book and being given the topic of a recurring theme or formal element and told to create a thesis based around our idea of the author's ultimate theme of the book and how they used that idea or element to do so.

So, sitting in my group, all of them bullshitting about politics and law for the 30 minutes we had, nothing being accomplished, I start doing it on my own. I like analyzing books. I think it's great fun. I don't like discussing politics.

It all works out.

So I'm sitting there, surrounded by my selected classmates, scribbling notes on the structural layout of the book, condensing the parts into major themes, we go back to class, I'm still not done, sitting through the presentations of the other groups' thesises Thesii? Multiple thesis. I don't know. Various thesis statements. Ha!

Start writing my thesis on the side of one of my pages of notes.

But I have this problem with run-on sentences (as you all know) and this problem with not being able to keep my writing tight (as you all know). I'm a babbler.

But the rest of my group hasn't touched the work, for all intents and purposes. And we're turning it in.

So I scribble away.

And come up with this convoluted thesis that really needs to be cleaned up. Cleaned up like whoa.

But one of my group members draws attention to our group and we end up going out of order. Which leaves me sitting there with this massive thesis statement that violates so many "rules" of writing and I'm glaring at this guy thinking "Why the hell did you just do that?"

So I try to get out of it, try to say we should go back into the order we were in and I'm not done and the rest of the class is like "Nooooo, just do it!"

Which leaves me doing a mini-disclaimer and apology to the class for what I'm about to put them through.

And then I read the damn thesis, blushing profusely.

When I'm done, one of my classmates shouts "Time!" and acts like he's clicking off a stopwatch, and the rest of the class explodes into applause, laughter, and about half of them stand up to continue applauding.

I'm sitting there, beet red, trying to hide behind my hair.

The professor just looks at me. I look at her. Then she says something along the lines of, well, thank you, but we need something a little less massive and you just covered the entire contents of the final paper, and asks one of my classmates to provide a summarized version of my thesis.

Which he does. But it wasn't nearly as good and didn't really have the main point I was trying to express. Glare.

On the way out of class, I'm thanked for helping the rest of the class write their papers.

Still red.

But I snagged my thesis notes instead of turning them in. So you can admire my handwriting and laugh at my massively overdone ramble. Please note that I'm not actually supposed to be writing, due to my previous wrist and arm injuries, so my writing tends to degrade in legibility as I lose my dexterity due to strain. Please also note that it doesn't make sense anywhere but in my head because it's notes to myself so I left out words.

Structure over ten selected years creating situations of push, pull, and stagnation created by youthful experiences fighting with internal nature, three characters in a created world colliding due to tracks differing (one train leaving station A at thirty miles and hour, one train leaving station B at 20 miles per hour, collision?) and the impacts (or lack of impact) on each other as they brush by and slightly alter course with nothing more than coincidence and luck for outcomes, if one can at all consider the characters luck (only Marta achieved happiness), Evaristo the only character without goals, intent, surviving in his watchtower as events unfolded, chained to the experience and humanity by Marta, a powerless, detached god-figure missing human traits and bonding ability, almost an overarching theme on the drag of humanity back to a center without meaning, or that meaning and a person's definition (or lack of) happiness as created by their background and experiences as illustrated by the contained variety and opposition of traits and social/economic/familial backgrounds have no impact on their eventual reality.

There's also a little diagram.

Winner is... me?

I really need to get this overabudance of words problem under control.

It was pretty damn epic.


  1. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

    But still, well done.

  2. Dan,

    Yes, yes I am.


    Aw, a compliment. You truly almost got me to blush.