Monday, January 11, 2010

I have not set up internet in the apartment yet. I'm trying to prevent myself from procrastinating from unpacking by having no internet to distract me.

Positives: totally unpacking
Negatives: no blogging, can't check traffic, can't check movies (shouldn't be checking movies anyhow, should be unpacking)

Moving went incredibly smooth. GV8 showed up to my parents' place at 845AM with a trailer and his oversized truck. I already had everything packed, so it was just a matter of letting the garage spew its contents onto the driveway, seeing what there was to take, and packing. Everything fit perfectly into one open trailer, my mother's SUV, GV8's truck, and a few things in my car. We drove the 30 or so miles to my new place and unloaded, done by 1215PM.

Which left GV8 and myself running errands (mostly hardware, buying a fridge, hitting Target for various things), while my mother and two friends unpacked my kitchen.

It's scary. I know this is a normal thing for everyone, and most people end up living alone (right?) at some point, but I never have. I always have that male safety net living beside me.

GV8 and I grabbed some Thai food, walked around a shopping area, did some more work on the place. Electrical and plumbing.

Things are shifting between us again, the dynamic. I'm not sure what it is, where it is going. It's not romantic, it feels like we're sliding apart. Figures.

But I have to run. Work to do. More... eventually.


  1. Without being critical, don't you still have that male presence in a lot of ways?

  2. I do. But GV8 and I talk once a week, and I'm sure that will lessen once the apartment is done. I'm not really speaking much with my father now, either.

    But really, the male presence for me... there's no one to consider when I come home. No outside opinions, no influence on where to put things, how to decorate, what music is on, what movie will be watched. I don't have to invite or check to see if it's okay if I go out, if there are conflicting plans or desires.

    It's weird. I'm still adjusting.