Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, PD sent me this email last night. This is not work safe. If you aren't into rougher sex, watersports (which I'm not, but he doesn't care... which is rather hot), you probably shouldn't read it.

That's your disclaimer. So if you read it and become psychologically or physically disturbed, I take no responsibility.

If you read it and think it sounds like a good time, that makes two of us.

Really, just consider this a guest-post from the vaults of PD's deviant brain.

... ... ... ...

You’re on your knees in front of me.

In my mind, I’ve ordered you to shave, do an enema, stick the large plug in and deliver yourself. You’ve been stripped, inspected, groped, told not to meet my gaze, to speak only when spoken to, to do what you’re told. I’ve conveniently forgotten to give you a safe word.

I pull down my pants. You instinctively move your head towards my crotch without being told, and I scold you, slapping you hard. Then, liking it, I grab your hair in my fist, bend down and kiss you, slapping you again.

I pull your head into my hard cock and tell you to suck it. You take it into your mouth, and I let you take your time for a while. Then I take your head in my hands and begin moving the tip further down your throat. I push your head down a little further each time.

I push down hard and instinct makes you pull back slightly, which is met with more slapping, hard slapping. I tell you to choke yourself on my cock, and you do, moving your head forward. You make yourself gag trying to get it all the way down your throat. When I’m satisfied with your efforts, I move away, and button up.

Still kneeling I collar you; a thick leather posture collar that makes it difficult to lower your chin. Cuffs at wrists and ankles. Last, a blindfold.

I order you to your feet and yank you up by the collar. You become aware of the slickness running down your thighs as I lead you across the dungeon in unsteady steps. I push you back into leather padding and raise your arms above your head; the cross.

Arms cuffed into position, legs open and locked. Pussy wet and exposed. I’m slapping your breasts, no rhythm, seemingly choosing which one and how hard at a whim. You whimper and jerk a little. Then my fingers are in you, rough, pushing in hard against your G-spot, and soon you feel the gush as you squirt. Then, my fingers are in your mouth. You try to lick them clean, but reflex takes over as you feel me slapping your wet clit, always faster and harder.

You bite down and squeal, unable to get away.

More gushing from the smacking. A sharp slap across the face from the wet fingers taken suddenly from your mouth. Then, something leather between your teeth. A ring that holds your mouth open. You feel me move close, kissing your cheeks gently before my tongue darts into the hole, licking your tongue. Then I hold your hair as I spit into your mouth before stepping away.

As the drool begins dripping uncontrollably down your chest, you feel something small, leathery, stroking your belly. A crop, maybe?

A moment later, it begins cracking down again and again, leaving small, throbbing spots of sting behind that seem to worsen over time. Down your belly, your inside thighs, then to your cunt. You cry out as I beat your lips and clit, dancing and cringing, but unable to get away. Then up your body to your breasts.

You lose track immediately of how often you’re being struck, but each breast is throbbing and welted when the blows stop, nipples rock hard. Then you feel a clamp closing on your left nipple and cry out. It hurts like fire. The right one soon follows. Then you feel something cold against your clit and you inhale.

It starts to vibrate and you realize it’s the Hitachi. You relax as the buzz hums through your pussy, groaning slightly. Then you feel my hand reaching back between your legs and feel pressure on the plug. You whimper as you realize I’m pulling it out, and I tell you not to make a sound. You can’t stop a small squeak when the chrome ball pulls free, and then a shout when I force it back in.

I explain I’m going to pull it out and shove it in harder each time you make a noise, until you can do as you’re told. It pulls out hard and you squeal, as you do when I shove it back in. After several more rounds, you manage to keep silent as I ram the ball into you and I leave it.

The Hitachi pulls away. You feel me doing something between your legs, and then feel weight pulling on the plug. You realize there’s something heavy attached to it swinging between your legs.

I tell you to make sure it doesn’t drop. It actually makes it an effort to clench to hold the plug in, especially when you feel me between your legs again, after which the weight increases.

I step away, and the next thing you feel is definitely a cane. It’s hard, bites on impact and leaves an incredible sting in its wake. And suddenly it’s biting you all over. Breasts. Arms. Thighs. Belly. Pussy. Clit. You jerk, wiggle, scream. And then you hear the CRACK as the metal plug hits the concrete floor.

You gasp slightly. Then I’m taking you down, walking across the floor, bending you over the horse. The gag is out. The plug is shoved into your mouth, still hot from being inside you. I am spanking you, spanking your ass so hard the impact thuds in your ears. You almost expect the horse to move as you cry out around the plug.

Then I’m suddenly in your cunt, fucking you. Hard, brutal, ramming my hips against yours, fingers in your asshole, other hand pulling at the claps on your nipples, twisting them, stretching them. I push in deep and you know I’m coming inside you.

I pull out. You feel semen drip down. The plug is pulled from your mouth, replaced by my cock. Your pussy, my come, mingle in your mouth. I grind into your throat again as I rain stinging slaps down on your ass.

I pull away, and you feel something on your clit. A third clamp closes down, squeezing your clit hard. You feel weight begin to pull on the clamp; again, something tied and dangling like a pendulum which turns and twists the clamp each time you move.

A hard wooden paddle cracks down against your ass and you spasm. Your clit twists, your ass stings, you are an entire raw nerve. The beating continues, breaks for a moment as I slam my cock into you, then continues again. Fucking. Beating. Fucking.

The plug is shoved back in, quick, hard, stealing your breath, but more beating follows immediately. Then my cock in your cunt, then more beating. The plug is pulled out and shoved back in. I’m fucking you with my cock and the plug at once. Then more beating.

Then you inhale sharply as you realize I’ve forced my cock up your ass. I take your hair in my fist and you feel me grinding up into you, pushing in deep. A moment’s pause and then I’m taking your asshole, using you. Fucking you slowly.

Your cunt is dripping. I pull out and you feel a gasp escape. More beating on your ass and thighs, hard, sharp, then my cock is back in your ass, slammed in at one thrust, you feel like it’s in your belly. And I’m fucking you harder, pounding it in, making it hurt. Your head is still yanked back as I pull out and shove my cock in your mouth. You suck it, trying to take it down your throat without being told.

Then I’m behind you again, and I shove it in. I’m pulling all the way out and ramming it back in with each stroke. Your entire body tenses each time. The weight pulling at your clit is making you crazy as I brutalize your ass with my cock.

I pull out again, and the clamp comes off your clit. You feel something softer – a dildo – pushing into your cunt. It’s thick but not long, and you can tell it’s been buckled into place. It fills you.

I fuck your mouth again before slamming it back up your ass. You feel the Hitachi on your clit. You know you have to ask permission, and when you feel the orgasm creeping up on you, you nearly forget. You mumble for permission and it’s given.

As you come, everything clenching, you feel me buck my hips into you, thrusting deep, and I tell you I’m going to dump a load of come in your filthy whore’s asshole.

I pull out of you and move in front again. Your mouth is open before I’m there, waiting to suck the come off of me.

I remove the dildo, untie you from the horse, and tell you to kneel again. Sudden light fills your vision as the blindfold comes off. I put my hand between your legs and order you to give me the come. I cup my hand under your pussy and asshole and tell you to push.

Thick semen squirts into my hand and I hold it in front of you, sticky and white. You know what’s expected before I tell you to lick it off. You suck most of it from my fingers, and I wipe the rest across your face.

I take the clamps from your nipples and you gasp in pain as the feeling returns. Kneeling, I attach the clamps to your inner lips and you whimper, but manage no to wriggle too much or move your hands from behind your back.

You watch me pick up a tiny metal pail on a chain which I attach to hang below your pussy from the clamps.

Standing, I stick my cock in your mouth and order you to fill the pail. As you suck me, you relax and fill it with piss. As the weight increases on the pail, the chain pulls down on your lips and you whimper, but you don’t stop. I tell you to empty your bladder and soon you’ve overflowed the pail and you’re kneeling in a puddle.

I ask you if you want a third load of come, and you say “Yes, sir.” I tell you you’ll need to earn it, and order you to open your mouth. Knowing what’s coming, you look up at me and get a sharp slap for forgetting yourself. Looking squarely at the tip of my cock, you open your mouth.

My piss is hot and salty as it fills your mouth. I stop the flow and tell you to swallow. You close your mouth, swallow it, and open your mouth again. I fill your mouth again and tell you to just hold it. You mouth fills and then my piss is spilling out the sides, running down your face and chest, down to your pussy.

I finish, and you’re still holding it as I begin stroking my cock over your waiting mouth. After a moment, my come shoots out, a few drops splashing on your face but most mixing with the piss in your mouth. Now I tell you to swallow, and again you gulp down the foul mixture.

I yank you up by the hair and bend you over the horse, ramming my cock into you. The clamps from the pail fall loose as I pound into your pussy, then your asshole, pulling out and ramming back into whichever hole suits me. You’re gasping in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and I whisper in your ear that this is how I like you best. Willing to take anything from me, willing to be used in whatever way I want. All your holes open for me.

I pull out and push you to your knees to come in your mouth. You swallow.

I hold you, kiss you, look you in the eye and tell you what a good girl you are. Then I walk you to the shower.


  1. I said to myself "disclaimer? Bah." Well, then I realized maybe you did need it for the vanilla audience.

    I like his descriptive writing.. easy to create a visual from.

  2. I would've felt bad if someone started reading this and then became entirely uncomfortable. I'm all about full-knowledge consent.

    He does write well. I keept meaning to post pictures of the warehouse/dungeon, but I keep getting distracted. When I manage to do so, it'll add to it even more.

  3. I count as vanilla, in this case. I stopped reading it pretty early on - if someone smacked me around like that, I'd have bitten down on their dick (hard).

  4. not my cup of pee...er...tea.

    Curse you, Freud.

  5. Angela,

    Heh, if my body didn't respond so well, I'd likely do the same. But it loves it. Don't know why. He'll hit me and I'll whimper at him that it hurts and to knock it off, but my body will go into full arousal mode.


    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.