Sunday, May 24, 2009

Four rotating hips...

Across from him at the dinner table, I wonder what I did.

It's almost comical, really.

Two kings. Two kings in their respective scenes.

And I have them both, at least for the moment.

He's gorgeous. Black hair and blue eyes, like me. Muscular where I am curvy. Wicked smart, polished, amazing dresser. When I saw him, I wanted him.

So I told him... and then we went out.

He walked me to my car, I tossed my purse into the passenger seat and closed the door without getting in. Leaned against the car.

This is the moment.

If there was ever a given moment during a date when I consistently test my playmate for the evening, this is it.

He looks at me, and I marvel at the planes of his face, at his perfect bone structure, perfect coloring. "So... are you up for next week, then?" he asks and steps partially in front of me, closing off my space, but leaving me that opening. He did not control his body language all evening, mirroring my movements consistently as I carefully watched and controlled the poses we went through.

I smile at him, "Of course."

He closes our circle, stepping fully in front of me. Lips meet. Teeth clash for a moment- we're both biters. I don't fight him, and he takes my lower lip between his teeth.


I'm good with my mouth, I'm known for it in certain groups.

Within a few minutes this man, this amazingly gorgeous and intelligent man, is eyeing my car.

"I haven't messed around in someone's backseat for a long time," he tells me.

"Is that a suggestion?"

He tosses me a smile and opens the backdoor. My carriage awaits.

It's been years for me as well. Backseats are for people who don't have their own space, and I make sure that if I cannot provide a place, my partner can and will.

He was worth it.

My backseat is roomy, no cramping, no struggles. I straddled one of his legs and took him in my mouth, his hands buried in my hair.

I always keep a hair-tie on me. Left wrist. I keep my hair long solely so a man can wrap it completely around his fist, but wisps always manage to escape. He's amused at this, but his amusement is cut short when I go to work on him.

Aside from the initial attraction, I went to him because he is a dominant. I typically select alphas and loners, and within those categories, I need the sexually dominant. He's an alpha dominant.
Forcing my head down, he leaves me deep throating him for minutes while I attempt to breathe around his width and let my tongue continue to dance. When air becomes too scarce, I tap him lightly on the thigh, twice, and he lets me up a bit.

When he orgasms, he traps my head in his lap and keeps me there, dick in mouth, for several minutes while I try to swallow around him. He's thick, which makes it hard not to clip him with my teeth as my throat muscles attempt to force the fluids down.

I sit up, and he leans forward to kiss my forehead.

He's perfect.

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