Friday, May 22, 2009

I think I kinda lost myself again...

I've always been a trial by fire kinda girl.

As my seventeen year-old screams rend the air, fighting for space with the whirr of the vaccuum motors, they scrape the tiny, sucking tube through my uterus.

It's a violent violation, the physical pain is intense, anathestics did nothing. I can feel every twitch of her wrist as she siphons me out.

I scream, I scream of the years, of the sex, the drugs, the alcohol, the binges, the drunken copulating, the hurt, the abuse, it explodes out of me as I attempt to exorcise my demons.

The body learns new pain, muscles expand and reach outwards.

They have to hold me down, several pairs of hands on my limbs and torso.

And, then, I'm alone.

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