Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a roller too, baby...


I was able to register for classes today. The pushing, emailing, and visiting got me into the university after applications had ceased being accepted, during the massive budget cuts they are undergoing.

Wasn't sure it was going to happen.

But it did.

And it's funny, I haven't had a semester off since I was... er, 19? 18? Probably 19, and even when I did have a semester off, it was because I had been kicked out of college.

I've gone to four colleges now. Kicked out from the first, graduated from the second, graduated from the third, fourth was simply for work purposes, and now I'm back in the third. Full-time student, full-time employee, rocking along like I do.

Not bad. Got into the classes I need to, am taking one of the two required exams for certification on Saturday morning, have an essay to submit, another application to file, if I remember correctly, and I have to go get fingerprinted and immunized.

Most of my free time is currently being spent working towards goals. Writing, exercising, studying, eating, reading books I should be reading, learning as much as I can, maintaining social relationships. I don't really have much time in which I'm not working on something. Even my lunchbreak at work is spent in a combination of exercise and, currently, going through various classic British Lit.

I study fashion and make-up when I have an hour or two between activities, I read books and articles on social dynamics, on body language, diet, and seduction.

I've been doing this for months, and this drive has not left me. It's just growing more and more as I push myself harder and harder, fitting in as much as I can into whatever area or timeslot I can manage, sacrificing sleep and recreational activities so I can develop.

Makes me wonder when I'll be satisfied. If I'll be satisfied.


  1. It would be great if your blog had a "most recent comments" section on the right, the way Roissy's does. It would be even more useful here, since your volume of comments is much lower. Does blogger not have that facility?

  2. congrats doll! drive is good, goals are good,sacrifice is good. keep it up...!

  3. doug1,

    I'll see what I can do. I did not expect there to be commenters on this blog, so I've yet to look to see what options are available.


    Aw, thanks! <3 (that's a heart, sir, not an ass)

  4. Ever read science, math, programming, economics, finance, or law? If you're looking for control, money is part of the equation.

  5. No, no, no, no, no, and not if I can help it.

    It's on my list of things to do, once things with deadlines get taken care of. Money is a major part of the equation but, right now, I've got things more directly impacting that need to be handled before I bury myself in such things.

  6. How feminine of you to read only the humanities. :p