Monday, August 3, 2009

This is an oy vey moment.

I actually feel better now that I've showered.

A little less like I'm about to fall over as my body gives out on me due to the sleep dep I've been able to experience for what, the second week running? If I could load up on caffeine, that'd be nice, but the chest pains and potential hospitalization as my faulty valve screams at me just isn't worth staying awake at work.

Anyhow, this was just a mini-update because I was too tired last night to do my "This week, in pictures..." segment of our show. My show. My blog. Whatever.

So, this week, in pictures, you will witness the wonders of C's tongue ring, the loft under construction, a shitty concert, an iced mocha, and whatever else that I got up to last week.

Bah, fine, I'll look.

Oh, yes, amusing text conversations. And some distance shots of downtown.

It was a slow week, I know. I'll try to make my life more exciting.

August 2nd, 2009

Must curl up on the couch now. Cushions summon and, wow, I'm going to answer.


  1. how come you're in long beach so much? what's there, except for that one ex who's getting married?

    yeah, this week's pix aren't too thrilling. i hope black wing dude got paid well for doing himself up like that.

  2. C's futon is in Long Beach, thus I am in Long Beach. I tend to keep to the South Bay cities during the week for work purposes, unless someone drags me out to LA proper for whatever madness we get up to.

    Man, you're just Negative Nancy tonight, aren't ya? I nobly put up these pictures and you just tear them down. Ungrateful creature.

    ...the giggling will stop soon. Promise.