Friday, September 11, 2009

Often, people mistake submission for weakness.

Unfortunately for him, the man that did that today discovered otherwise.

It's easy to find females weak on a sexual level. Inexperienced, easy to control, easy to manipulate, to con into giving into your base needs, to guide with insults, to wreck and shape.

When I tone down my sexuality, beyond what it already is- I flag no one's slut-dar, it's easy to be lumped in with the rest. It's easy for a man to mistake me for your standard, inexperienced, unmarried girl.

Mostly, it amuses me. It lets me play with perceptions, it lets me educate.

And, sometimes, rare times, a man will look at me, and I will look at him while in conversation with another, and I'll know that he knows that we're similar beasts.

That does not occur often.

The shy men, the young men, the lovers of romance, the inexperienced boys, those I do not understand but will take time out of my day to pass on a little knowledge, a little experience so they're better prepared with the next girl.

The cocky bastards, the rutters, the asshole "alphas", the men who stride around and have the barest amount of sexual knowledge of a female's inner-workings, those are dinner. Those are who I exercise my temper on. If they show weakness, vunerability, if I wear them down, I will cease fire. If they don't, I'll go until they lose their temper, or until I determine that aggressive, objectifying sex is on the menu, then I use them and lose them.

Then you get your "doms". Those men, you know the kind, that strut around in leather pants with the lashes and whips clipped by the handful in carabiner's about their belt loops, their crappy boots (usually purchased at Ren Faires for as cheap as they can find), or you get the "dom" that is a single male, working his life away, no friends, who loves to visit the BDSM clubs and try to pick up an inexperienced, too-young, sub.

And the creepy guys, the ones that never learned game, that can only get laid by seducing young girls that don't know any better.

I, when mellow and withdrawn, attract the first, third, and fourth type.

But once conversation starts, the majority of the third and fourth bolt. Only the stupid stay, as the supposed brave do not exist in that category.

I know it was good for me, to release my anger like that, in a vaguely (not really) constructive way. To finally, finally, finally step out of my so-freaking-polite-all-the-time shell and just let myself be who I am.

I'm a beast.

The majority of men I talk to have the barest drop of experience compared to me, and they don't have the brain to do what I do. I can dance between roles and ideals without issue, can analyze, comfort, attack, and submit, can listen and adore. I can rip someone and their sexual concept apart, or help build it up. I know when I'm with someone that I'm the one in control because my control is near infinite when it comes to sex play because I have the experience and knowledge to back it up.

So it does not usually bother me when a man such as the inspiration for this post approaches me.

Until I realize what he is likely doing to other girls.

And then, then I lose it just a bit.

It's funny, now that it occurs to me. I was so very for the education and sharing of knowledge with others, with working with damaged, aggressive men that use and manipulate women to an unhealthy level.

But being exposed to Roissyism has near broken me of my need to be polite.

I feel like I'm all teeth and claws.

Should probably get this under control.

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  1. Honest description of how you, like most women, test us for weakness, drop us when you find it and open legs and mouth when you don't. But I don't get who or what exactly you're mad about. --stagetwo