Friday, October 16, 2009

This ego-stroking is brought to you by the letter "S"

I was going to post about an email I received yesterday from an ex-boyfriend and my response, but I suppose I will have to put that off because the office is jumping and I need to dive back into the paperwork building on my desk.

But I did get this email just a little bit ago, from my dinner companion from out of town, a friend through my other (now fairly defunct) blog.

If it isn't apparent, I am slightly more awkward in person. It didn't help that you're even more gorgeous as a flesh-and-blood woman standing before me than in single frames of a person viewed through a computer. Honestly, that radical tattoo going down your side (the one I've told you before I wanted to nom a little bit) didn't even cross my mind. I was too impressed with all that I could sense. I adore your smile, what I caught of your scent, and your feminine shaping. I came in slightly unprepared, having not spoken with you very much over the last few months. Nevertheless, it was a fun outing during which my senses were rather delighted and I was made to release genuine laughter.

I'm sitting here with a little grin on my face.

Last night was lovely. Down at the little steakhouse I adore, talking with my blog-friend and the waitress who works there. He was just as witty as he is online, plus those eyes that I adored. I've made friends with the waitress since I frequent that restaurant more than any other in the area. She'll usually hang out and chat with me, whether or not I'm alone. She's gorgeous and hysterical, comedienne in training, bright blue eyes and curly red hair. We made plans to go to a concert together in early November last night. She's one of the only feminine-looking women I've ever had any sexual interest in.

Unfortunately, she's moving in a few months, to go to school at Second City in Chicago.

Anyhow, back to my blog-friend. He's from Portland. I'm going to be up there the last week of December/first week of January for a friend's wedding. We're going to be traveling around Oregon a bit before the wedding, and then I am going to be ditching the rest of my party to spend a few days with him, touring the city and burying myself in Powell's because that is my Mecca and I must make my trip or I will be blaspheming against the gods of literature.

It'll be a good trip.

New York for Halloween.
Portland for New Years.
Christmas to be spent in a posh club in downtown.

I suppose I need to think of something to do for Thanksgiving, though I did make a slight push for Rancho Santa Fe with my cousins. Not because of their estate, mind you, but because of the comfy armchair by the fireplace and the 11PM drive up the 5 freeway, windows down, heat on my feet, and the CD of the moment setting pace with the dotted white lines of the highway.

I want to go to DC for Spring Break. I think this sounds like a plan.

Tune in for our next blog post: When Exes Send You Unwanted Emails. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.


  1. New York on Halloween is a serious trip (I used to live there). Don't miss ther parade!

  2. Gentleman do exist...although I'm naturally much more interested in the redhead - just my type!

    Can't wait for the next post...

  3. Clowncar,

    Unfortunately, the night of Halloween, I'll be in yet another state, so I'm going to miss any evening activities in NY. Ah well.


    Bah, another redhead lover. When are us dark and pale girls going to get the loving we deserve??