Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I received my first blog-award in October, from Mysterg.

There were all these rules with it, but I'm not so good with rules if I'm not obligated to follow them. I'm supposed to pass this award to others, supposed to reveal ten true things about myself that no one knows.

And some other stuff. But that's all secret and to be kept between Mysterg and myself.

So, instead, I've decided to recommend some of my favorite blogs and then some things that readers here wouldn't know.

Approach Anxiety is a pick-up blog written by Eric Disco. I love his frank, accessible writing style, and he seems to be one of the few PUAs I've encountered in blogland that aren't total misogynists. His site is where I tell my guyfriends to go when they're having game issues.

Birdykins is another favorite. I love her writing style. It always sets me right beside her in whatever she's experiencing. There's no walls between her and the reader and that's fantastic.

Hyberbole and a Half constantly makes me laugh. She has this wonderfully odd way of looking at the world and she seems to give 100% to whatever zany activities she's up to. I love it.

Lonely Roads and Psycho Paths is just a great read for her use of language. Freaking amazing. She's so introspective, it's perfect.

Sad Poems... I know nothing about this woman but, damn, her imagery, her poetry, how haunting she makes each experience... it's lovely.

Marquis will probably always be a favorite of mine. He's so ragingly brutal and wild in his writing, he's one of the few bloggers that I will stop to read no matter how busy I am at work.

This Is Not A Heart, she rarely posts, but I love her language. Everything seems oddly tragic in this very indie/scenster way.

Finally, Adulterous Ellie is another favorite. She writes beautifully, keeps it tight and perfect.

And... I've got to get back to work. Mysteries revealed sometime, eventually, probably, maybe.


  1. shhhh. Don't tell anyone....

  2. OOh! I just found this, and thank you, I'm very flattered :)