Friday, March 26, 2010

I love feeding my friend's cat. He's this 50/50 bar of a cat, stripey orange on top, white on the belly. Big yellow eyes. Mouthy. Heavy-set, muscled. He's the kinda cat that you have to wrestle with while you pet him in order for him to feel like you're being affectionate.

Climb up the stairs into my friend's bachelor pad. He's off climbing... something in Oregon for a few days, his roommate off in Italy or some such. Musical instruments, climbing and surfing gear, odd gadgets strewn around.

I eyed their couches when I walked in. Perfect couch-surfing material. Abandoned values stir, shaking the handful of keys I have to different apartments on my keyring. Metal access to someone else's life. I pictured myself laid out across one, the unfamiliar street lights through unfamiliar windows.

I miss it, in a way. I miss the absence of bills, keeping my belongings sparse enough to fit in a small duffel bag. I miss viewing the world through a new set of eyes every evening, falling asleep in someone else's life, watching their habits, their twitches, getting used to the smells and sounds of each building and how people sleep.

I'm going down to San Diego tonight. I caught the Beware of Safety show last night in Echo Park at Pehrspace, a crowded little venue, and I plan on catching them again this evening. They put on an amazing show.

I'll spend the rest of the weekend down in San Diego with one of my ex-lovers and his girlfriend. Going away party for them on Saturday night. Don't know what we'll get up to during the day. I always learn something new from him. Different cultures I've never heard of, new foods, new music, new ways of living. He's an eclectic guy, always full of this open-minded enthusiasm and friendliness that I'd love to match, if only I wasn't so socially reserved. He's always an adventure.

His mom has got about two or three months left on her. Cancer. Plain-speaking German woman, heavy, heavy accent. I think she's wonderful, but I haven't seen her in years. I'm glad I'll get to see her one last time.

I'll be back on Sunday night. Enjoy your weekend.

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