Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Online Conversation With a Good Friend

G: You know one day a metor might hit the earth?  Did you go out and buy an umbrella? Somethings are not in our control and worring aobut them does nothing but give you excess stomach acid.

V: I just feel like I should be doing something. Establishing myself. Taking control. Growing.

G: For what?

V: For myself. So I can be better, healthier.

G: OK, fair enough. So when you look at a pie.  Most people will cut it up into smaller slices as it is a much easier way to eat a pie...  picture it.. trying to put a slice of pie in your mouth versus the whole pie...  V, stop trying to fit the whole pie in your mouth.


  1. Now I'm picturing you in a pie eating contest....

  2. I suspect a decent pie cutter is not in your personal repertoire.

  3. I have no idea how I ended up here. Through Mysterg? Or maybe Hannah? Shit, it doesn't matter. I am just happy I did end up here, one way or the other.

    This is rare and delicious writing.

    Um, pun not intended.

  4. Aldonza,

    Now I want to watch The Simpsons. I will fight this desire.

    The Savage,

    I actually hate pie. Especially apple. Makes me yak.


    I keep forgetting it, though.


    Why, whyyyy must you always be so negative? Can't you support me ripped the pie apart with my bare hands?


    Aw, thanks. Welcome to the madness. Madness and pie.