Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me...

I have to say, this is one of the rare times I don't want to be blogging because my mind is simply too full and I just want to retreat into my cave and not talk to anyone until it goes away, by either zombie attack or lobotomy.

That's right, baby. Brains: come and get 'em.

But since I missed last night's posting, here I am.

By "here" I mean sitting in my bed, wearing an ex-boyfriend's old thermal and shiny blue pajama bottoms with the phrase "Sweet Dreams" printed across the back in a sort of strange italics.

My hair is up in a bun because it's so cold I did not want to wash it and go to bed with hair that hadn't dried fully, so tomorrow is going to be an "interesting" hair day that will translate to me having it "bunned up" all day.

How many more "words" can I put in "quotations marks"?

At the top of my brainmush, is female competition combined with insulting phrasing that is inherently for female recipients, but really only exists to complain about whatever behavior isn't suiting the user at the time.

Which is, magically, how I can be a slut and a cocktease at the same time.

How do I achieve this remarkable feat? one may ask.

Simple. I just have to have two different men looking at me with two different different backgrounds.

The externally active one (meaning, to the person who doesn't understand my slightly odd pairings of words, the one who looks outside of himself to determine what is wrong with "society" and how he is more the result of what has been done to him than his own actions, or even more simply, the one who views the world out of pure egocentricity) will tend to label towards "slut"-themed words.

The internally active one (meaning the one who isn't quite bitter and egocentric enough to enforce his opinions on the rest of the world as The Way Things Should Be) will go towards the "cocktease" or "cunt"-themed words. Not near as aggressively judgmental.

What do they have in common? I'm not sleeping with either of them.

What you just read (or skimmed) above is a fairly common and generalized sentiment.

Men are bitter, angry, hostile, etc etc.

But what it is, though, is a way to control and influence. Girl isn't doing what you want, label her appropriately, get others to back you, have enough status that your label actually matters, or simply get fear of a word entrenched in a group... bingo- behavior will change.

What's worse, and what I've noticed more of these last few days, is when other women do it. Not only do they have to be concerned with their own sex life, but the sex lives of other girls. It's competition and, wow, unhappiness.

As why would a woman who is truly happy with her sex life and her sexual presentation (both socially and physically) care about what another woman is doing, and be anything but supportive as long as the other is safe and happy?

Especially among friends.

And before someone reading this gets the idea that I had some traumatic experience in the last few days/hours/weeks with a girl going off on me, you'd be incorrect. As for a guy going off on me? Not so much either.


I can't tell if the competition at this point is to see who can snag the best man or who can make the others around her more miserable.

I mean, really, that's how you win, right? You get the alpha football jock millionaire high status star and you've won! And then, OMG, you lord him and your acquired status over your girlfriends and they all look at you in envy. Or you make sure that since you're so very unhappy with what you've done with your life, that no one else can be happy and make you feel worse with their success.

I've been reading these MRA blogs about honor and values and how women simply lack them. That's right, kids, women don't have morals. I believe there's supposed to be a genetic difference, some part of the brain that prevented morals (back to the lobotomy, eh, Jones?).

And when I see these women that tout themselves as MRA supporters or anti-feminism supporters, I've just got to sit back and watch the magic.

By magic, I mean grown women behaving like an idiotic school of fish, hanging out in the water, mouths open, begging for the validation of whatever MRA man will come along and tell them that they are special, that they do understand, and that they've got this lovely little doggie bed for them in the garage.

Because these women are actively advocating that they are inferior purely due to biology. That their physical sex is the determining factor on who they are, what they can do, and what morals they can possess.

I can't even read this stuff all the way through.

I'm not a feminist. I don't advocate social change based on my own idea of what society should be. I simply don't have a social -ism or an -ist or any sort of label to apply to my belief set so I can communicate them to others in an attempt at conversion.

Someone tries to talk politics to me? I apologize, tell them I'm dreadfully ignorant, and completely apolitical.
Someone tries to talk religion? No, don't do that either.
Philosophy? Nope.
Sexuality? Oh, hell no.

I'm not going to get into it any place other than online (and for me to step far outside my blog for any significant length of time is uncommon).

Because they're simply beliefs. It's not reality. My believing in the things I do does not make them correct, and it certainly doesn't make them more valid than any other set of beliefs that any other person has. And for me to attempt to force my beliefs on others is an exercise in selfishness and ego-stroking that I don't desire to pursue.

I'll stroke my ego in other ways. Usually with physical action that requires stroking. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

I was going to continue that above parenthetical remark into the rest of the Monty Python skit, but then realized how disconcerting that would be to anyone who hasn't seen it. Yes, you all disappoint me. Except for you. You can stay.

So, to bring that back, controlling others through words, through strength of words, and then having that reinforced by people who should emphasize with the negativity of those words... no. We assign such a high value to words without even realizing it.

I hate how we cut ourselves down, and then we go to be pet by the person who handed us the ax. I'm not a dog, I'm not going to have my "master" sic me on other people.

And this leads into my concerns with GV8, concerns that I've spent all week trying to avoid, only to have them come up again.

I'm 26. I'm now on my downslope. I'm not getting hotter each year, I'm declining. I have to fight to keep my body healthy and in shape. As much as it's going to get, anyway. I have somewhere between ten and fourteen years where I can reproduce.

And then that's it. Uteral party is over.

That's my window.

Crazy how it creeps up on you.

I have to find someone within the next two years, just as I slide into my late twenties. And then I will be, in all likelihood, finding lower and lower quality males that are willing to accept me in my "declining" years. (Aldonza, I have to say I am imagining you shaking your head at me right now and I fully give you permission to boot me in the head later.)

So I've got two years that are no longer optimal, then I have to marry, go through the honeymoon phase, and then pop out a kid or two, hopefully by thirty-five.

It seems like such a brief window.

And that's assuming that I ever find a man that I get along with enough to consider marriage. Yes, I have male attention. But, as has been noted again and again, I'm a bit... intense. I have to have a man that can handle that, and handle it well.

It drives me nuts to think that, for so many, my desirability is not based on my brain, my character, my too-extreme Disney-like morals, but my appearance. And this is accepted. This is the way it is. And there's validation for it. Attractiveness declines with fertility leaving. Of course, that could very well be another chicken-and-egg argument. Then add in Darwin's idea of sexual selection and twist it up more and there you go. Madness. Sparta. Of course, if I recall correctly, Darwin said females choose, males court, but I think it spins both ways because one has to have power to choose, which means one has to be desirable enough to battle over.

So there you go.

Which means that every day I spend moping over GV8, or spend with GV8 (which encourages more moping) is a day that is wasted. Because he's too old, likely not going to marry, and he's now sterile. As long as I'm hung up on him, I cannot truly engage with another male.

But that's just from a biological standpoint.

When you layer in the psychology, the emotions, the personal growth, the life experience through hypergamy... it swings it back around until we're in this limbo where it could either be positive or negative.

And in the end, it just drives me crazy to think about.

So, with the words of god knows how many people ringing in my ears, I called GV8 to tell him that I couldn't do this to myself. I couldn't keep spending time with a man that wouldn't give me monogamy, marriage, or munchkins.

I wanted him to give me a counter-argument, maybe tell me he'd be willing to drop his sport-fucking outside of swing clubs.

Tell me that our relationship was more important than his sport-fucking.

Yeah, that'd be nice.

Instead, he agreed with me. Of course. So not only did I not get an argument, I also lost the high of being the ditcher as opposed to the ditchee.

He's not going to change, I can't ask him to change, sport-fucking is something he's been doing for thirty years and he's not going to give it up, it's as natural to him as breathing. We need to be friends, we've exceeded our "dating window", five break-ups is too many, we need to give up on it.

And I'm sitting there, going "fuck, really?" because now he's taking control of the situation and telling me all these things that I was going to tell him. Which left me feeling incredibly insecure and lacking in validation.

He's way too good at this.

So then I end up pursuing. Not saying that we needed to get back together, but that it bothered me how easy it all was for him, how sad it makes me that he's so willing to give me up for sport-fucking, how rarely he shows his emotions, how surprised that he felt our "dating window" was up. Trying to get that emotional acknowledgment, hating that he's so much stronger than I am.

We were going to go out on Saturday. I called to tell him that wasn't such a good idea. By the end of the conversation, we're back on for a tentative Saturday and I'm here thinking, "Christ, he did it again." Or maybe that should be: "Christ, I did it again."

I'm supposed to call him later in the week to confirm if it's a yes or a no, think on it some.

We talk to each other and... melt.

I got his hackles up a bit, more than once. Pissed him off a couple times. I never used to monitor him so finely, but talking with Roman has made me even more aware of conversational twitches, and the space since GV8 and I last talked allowed me to get my feet under me somewhat so I could play with the conversation, be a little more assertive.

Though at the end I started to crumble. Losing words. Unable or unwilling to articulate the mess in my head.

This is the second time I've considered and decided to take a step away from him.

Each time, I've been blocked by him.

But I think this time, he is set that it is over.

I wish I could have been the one to make that call. He takes control of every conversation and by the end of it, flips me around like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Now I don't know what he wants, what he's planning, and I hate to think that he's done with me so easily. I wish I could see into him like I do others, see that he hurts, that he misses me and hates doing this, as opposed to those words that I hear... but no emotion attached. It would make this so much easier.

He makes me so weak. I let him. I drink him down with Hope for a chaser.


  1. Slut, cocktease, stupid labels. God how I hate labels. I hate that they are lazy. Mentally lazy. People, lacking the will or mental rigor to untangle the layers of a person's being, lazily fall back onto unidimensional labels which fulfill their preconceived notions. Supposedly intelligent and open-minded people who still lack the ability to look inwards and realize the fool's game they are playing.

    Slut, cocktease! But if she has sex with you, does that mean she is neither? Now you'll tell me she is a woman with impeccable taste? Ha! Please.

  2. Poetry

    First, I really identify with the hair thing (I am lazy)

    Secondly, forget about GV8 for good. Do you really want to look back and think, I let that idiot waste my last precious years? You are moving on now, don't look back.

    Thirdly, you may possibly have more time left than you think. But if thinking otherwise is going to get you to dump GV8 for good, hell, who am I to argue this point?

  3. This forum of blogs, to me, creates freedom, freedom to use words to express opinions, concepts, ideas, views, feelings, stories, images others who care to read, and see. It is always the readers choice weather or not to read. Our country is founded on freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I would never "force" my beliefs on anyone, however I do have discussions about politics and religion and many differant topics. I just choose carefully who I would have those discussions with, which I see as tact.

    It is through our peers, friends, family members, and teachers, that we learn and shape our own ideas about all the topics of our world. Ok I am getting off my soap box now.

    About your dilema with GV8, some people dont want to take no for an answer. It is almost like a blind spot. I have broken up with my current guy 3 times now and he wont accept it. Oh sure he will ignore me for a few days, like it's a punnishment, and I will admit the first couple of times that is what it felt like. This time however, I dont care if he comes back at all. I am tired of the games and it didnt take long. About 4 months. But I am not young, and I dont want to waste a second of my precious time on a dead end relationship.

    I hope you find peace with your decision. It will get better. Time heals wounds. My son is 24 and is dating his very first girlfriend. Not because he couldnt find anyone, but because he wanted to wait, until he got out of the Army, got a job, and got settled in his life back at home.

    You still have plenty of time. Just enjoy yourself. When you stop looking you will find the one that is right for you. He will just be there and you will know it. Thanks for sharing, find your ground and stand tall, Sweet

  4. Ugh, I shouldn't have read this... I was already depressed, and am now feeling worse. I recently turned thirty-five, am unmarried, and am throughly pissed off that anyone would look at me and see me as having virtually no shelf-life (I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about the pigs that resemble men, until they make themselves known).

    It does go by, much too fast. Don't waste anymore time with him. I would hate for you to be my age, and end up kicking yourself for having given him just one more chance... one more date that might fuck with your head (although I do also understand the mixed emotions). He's going to miss you, and that will be his own fault.

  5. A nod's as good a wink, eh?
    So what you're saying is I have just under two years to get myself established to where I can move out to California... hmmm I wonder if we have a plant out there (the company I work for that is).
    Personally, not knowing what you look like in your entirety I can honestly say I do like you for your mind.

    My Pros: I'm strong
    : sexy
    : intelligent
    : have a wild streak
    : write pretty awesome poetry
    : am tattooed with a smattering of piercings
    : snuggler
    : fun at parties
    : I dance
    : I don't drink much
    : would make an excellent father

    My Cons: I'm "the nice guy"
    : I sometimes forget to capitalize and use punctuation while texting
    : probably won't be moving to California in the next two years

    Hope this gave you a chuckle at least

  6. Heheh, don't worry. I keep just the right boot handy to whack you upside the head with.

    Sometimes I read you and some of the other stuff in the manosphere and I think that I should just crawl off and die, because clearly there is no room for a woman to even exist if she dares live past 30.

    Well, she'd be allowed to exist, you know, to take care of the cat population. But no sane man would want her.

    I'm glad there is a lack of sane men then.

    If all they can see are cock-carousel sluts, used-up, reformed sluts, and girls too ugly to be either, you're equally guilty of only being able to see super-alphas (particularly sexual alphas) and...well...everyone else.

    I'd be the last to tell you that fertility is eternal. It's not. But this idea that you have a shelf-life beyond which you'll never find a partner? Bullshit.

  7. I think brain mush days come with the territory, especially if you're of a certain temperament.

    I think what's interesting is when I'm in a morose mood, my brain will start casting about for thoughts to justify or reinforce what I'm feeling. I have to remind myself that just because a think a thing doesn't necessarily make it true.

  8. Ok I am hopping in one more time, tee hee. My Dad was 38 when he died. My brother always said he would never make it past 40 because his dad died young. My brother is now 53, lol. Women are famous for raising a family and then going on to have 2 or 3 differant careers in one lifetime. Statistics about mortality are great but they don't prove anything 100 percent.

  9. Phoenixism,

    Very true about the labels. I didn't go that deep in them, so I'm glad you did.

    And most guys, if you sleep with them, think you're even more of a slut -and- you have no taste. It's funny how much self-loathing will ruin sex.


    I know that as soon as I stop looking and relax into myself, I'll find someone. It's just a matter of doing that, which takes time. I'm so anxious and worried all the time now, overwhelmed by life, it makes things difficult, makes each day difficult.

    I hope you keep staying strong with your guy. I need a role-model. :)


    Well, I still need your resume and your genetic history. And also, I think having your babies would be akin to giving birth to small refrigerator. I'm not sure my body can handle that.


    Oh, christ, you're right. All I'm seeing is alpha alpha alpha. I'm just as bad as the PUA/MRA guys. Also right, I focus on the sexual alphas. Never really thought to differentiate into alpa types.

    Did you happen to see Gone Savage's blog post on cats and their effect on people? It was amazing, though I don't know if it was accurate or just a silly ramble. Probably more the latter.

    I'm actually going to be taking a break from the PUA-sphere for a bit, clear my head. It's much needed.


    I think all of us just focus on reinforcing whatever negativity we're experiencing. It's very cyclical. It's hard not to be that way, I've been trying to train myself out of it- enforce new patterns of thought, but it's difficult.

    And you're very right. We both need to remind ourselves of that.


    Also a good point. I'm wondering what my life will get up to, with all the changes that are possible, all the different roles I have opportunities of filling.

    We'll see how it goes.

  10. Damaged... so very damaged.

  11. Hmmm.....

    Words we use, labels we adopt, to describe ourselves and others, reflect the way we perceive reality as we have encountered it, as well as how we have been taught or conditioned to perceive what we encounter. Not every perception is accurate, we sometimes mis-perceive.

    Every encounter with each other we hold incredible power, to influence their perception of reality in some way. It is a power easily misused, it can be used for mutual benefit, mutual joy, mutual pleasure, mutual wonder - it can be used for non mutually engaged advantage and benefit for only one party at the expense of another’s. None of this is absolute, it has degrees.

    How we describe ourselves, and each other, and how we relate to each other
    In a strange way other people's labels and names also affect our own perceptions. We filter reality as we perceive it largely through the screen of the words we use to describe it, and the concepts these words represent, and other people's words and labels influence us.

    poetry@ "..It drives me nuts to think that, for so many, my desirability is not based on my brain, my character, my too-extreme Disney-like morals, but my appearance. And this is accepted. .."

    Isn't this the case for most people, male and female? To some degree, degree not absolutes. I think there is a basic division in this between males and females, that males are primarily more visual and appearance moved when it comes to attraction, and females more behavioral or state moved. But all of this can be made into stereotypes that obscure the fullness of what's going on. In the case of most women I've met there are clear aspects of desirability based on a man's appearance, just as for men. And in both cases with all but the most crass there are other aspects to desirability, character or mind, but all of it boils down to how that person makes us feel. No one tends to make mating decisions on strictly logical grounds. Sex reflects us all at our most deeply irrational.
    Our cultures can accentuate and suppress certain things - anyone who travels a bit can see how women and men in differing cultures find some things other than appearance more, or less, desirable. But sex love is physical love, so it makes sense that the physical affects our desirability.

    What is clear is this, for all of us, we have very little time to seek what we want to have in our lives. Every 24 hours brings us closer to the grave, the years stretch on, our bodies change, our minds change. If there is something we want we should intelligently seek it, when where and how we can, and not waste too much time in doing so. I think our culture cheats us of much deeper fulfillment by fostering the idea in all of us that we have a long time to get to where we want or need to be. We don't. 24 hours and a day is done. 360 days, and a year is done. 83,93 years maybe, and a life is done. When we look back at it, 40 years from now, what memories will we treasure?

    And what will we regret?

    I had a long-ass comment that I trimmed... but maybe it will make an interesting post...

  12. For the record I just posted something, check it out if you like

  13. I have checked it out. And I think I'm going to need to read our two posts side by side to get the full effect. Possibly a few times, heh. You're just as wordy as I am, sir.

  14. It is a vice of mine.
    I have a few.
    I also have some virtues, but brevity is not among them...

  15. Unsurprisingly, we have that particular vice in common.