Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greetings from Jaded Junction

Nope, still not Poetry. PD again, guest-posting at Poetry's request. I offered to serve as amanuensis, but it seems she prefers I post about "whatever I like."

I think I'd like to start by requisitioning a new acronym. When Poetry told me I was "PD," which simply signifies "Porn Director" (I don't read this blog myself to give her the freedom to write whatever she damned well pleases without worrying about offending me, despite that being effectively impossible) I practically choked.

Surely, there must be something less pedestrian I can be eponymized by... Hell, I'd take Smut Peddler or Creepy Old Pervert over Porn Director.

Enough bitching. I suppose an update on Poetry's condition is in order. Her arm is likely not fractured. She definitely suffered some windshear damage to her aileron, but nothing worth ejecting over.

In other words, her arm is jacked, but she'll be fine. She's already regained a lot of mobility (not enough to type comfortably yet), and tomorrow she's taking her X-rays to an orthopaedist to get the next opinion.

I drove her to work this morning, and when I picked her up, she took me through her old hood in El Segundo on the way to a great little bar/restaurant near the beach that I gather was a regular spot for her and one of the exes.

We came back to my place, had some great sex, and I tucked Poetry into bed so I could go back to my never-ending workload. Last night, after I came to bed, she bolted upright, sat on the edge of the bed and shouted. Finally, barely conscious, she hissed, "Jesus, I thought the aliens we're attacking!"

I don't want to spoil the ending, but suffice to say aliens did not attack. I can't wait to see who's invading tonight...


  1. Hope Poetry gets better soon and glad to hear it isn't too serious.
    I shouldn't worry about the PD moniker, everyone does things they are less than proud of but there is nothing wrong with smut. Must be difficult when you meet a girls parents though and they ask you, as they always do, what you do for a living.

  2. Hey I like that....Jaded Junction. Maybe a new acronym for you could be "JJ". After all, "PD" doesnt settle well with many people,lol. Knowing what you do for a living, somewhat clouds any furture description. At least you sound intelligent, so you know how to work the english language. You would have to be pretty smart to catch Poetry's attention. By the way, Poetry, hope you get better soon, that poetry you were writing, was pretty hot.

    Maybe a bit of background is in order here. Give us an idea of what life was like before the whole "PD" thing got going. For some reason Modesto pops up in my mind. One of those biker types, lol. I have a pretty good imagination. Hopefully I am not insulting you, but rather than guess, do tell.

    Just want to say, thanks for posting, as my commenters hand is getting rusty and it needed some exersise, lol. Darn, I have to go to work. I am a short order cook in a Hospital. Both my parents were Registered Nurses. (a little background on me) There, I went first now your turn, tee hee.

    Take care, and thanks for the post, Suzie Q

  3. I read "PD" and I can't help but think "Police Department".