Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drive-by update.

Spoke with the doctor. He wants my father committed. My father can't be committed until he proves himself to be a danger to himself or others. My mother is coming back from San Diego, we've moved the family pets to one of my good friend's place, we're supposed to have an intervention tonight and try to get him to voluntarily commit himself to the hospital.

It's not likely to go well.

We've been told to remove any guns from the house and take away the sleep pills he's been taking.

I'm taking off work shortly.

I don't know what is going to happen.

I'm going to run by Border's and pick up Eat Pray Love and hope it keeps me sane for the next few hours, as we have no idea when he is going to come home, or what he is going to do.

More, of course, later.

Thank you for your well wishes, everyone. When things settle down, I'll get back on my regular vaguely-social track.


  1. when i was 19, my dad committed himself to a mental hospital. he then called me; begged and pleaded for me to help him get out. i talked to the psych doctors, who assured me he had committed himself. my dad told me they were lying, then couldn't remember, then said they were out to get him. i was his only child and my parents were divorced (mom didn't want to get involved), so i had to make the call. i was on my own there. i chose to believe the psych ward, even though i'm not sure they knew much more than anyone else in the situation. another thing that sucked is if he couldn't trust his mind, how much can i trust mine? fortunately, there's the heart. always the heart. quieter and more sane.

    good luck, v.

  2. Christian male teacher ; aka GEEzer aka teluklitik.December 23, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    I think, depending on what your dad does, your appropriate reaction should follow. Action/reaction. Cause/effect. Sow/reap. Crime/jail.

    From what I know, generally, a normal person does not need to depend on psychotropic drugs to function, emotionally. Such drugs are meant for temporary treatment of stress or sudden onset of depressive events. Eg we take painkillers for a few days when we suffer the flu.
    .......But, once we are addicted, after long term use, we have to remain on them forever = costly retirement. If we stop, we will need to prepare to become a recluse coz an addict can't funtion without the drugs = withdrawal symptoms.
    ...All this, has something to do with our brain's neurotransmitters, like dopamine(inhibitor), serotonin(excitor), endorphin(painkiller) and certain hormones.

    Best wishes to your personal and love life... Peace.