Monday, June 7, 2010

Vision is obscured.

Remove glasses, dried salt flakes splashed across the inside of the lenses, deposited by tear-wet eyelash tips.

Fairytale endings are for princesses... and I am no princess.

Wipe the glass clean, look again.


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  2. endings are for storybooks...and none of us live in a storybook.

    Keep seeing

  3. it's a tough call. we can have royalty if we understand how faulted they are.

    on the west coast of vancouver island, i hiked to a beach just north of the west coast trail. seeing as it was rainforest, it was very muddy. if i tried not to get muddy at all, i would invariably bail straight into a giant puddle. when i accepted getting muddy, i made smarter decisions about where to step, and avoided an ass-plant. i think we can get the happy, as long as we don't avoid the unhappy.

    how about chin up AND eyes open?

  4. ps

    you're totally a princess. a terrifying, tiger-riding, ass-kicking, muffin-baking princess.

  5. Fairytale endings *are* for princesses...I'd rather have a fairytale beginning.

  6. I hope you're okay, this has me worried. Just remember you are wonderful. If GV8 has been messing you round I may just personally come over to California and tell him what I think of him in person. Although I may appear mild I can be vicious on occasion, he may never recover.

  7. I read this earlier, and felt concerned. You deserve to be happy, and to be treated well.

    I'm with the others.

  8. I wanted to post an alternative post without my phone number since you didnt need to use it and there is no point leaving it out here on the internet. I understand that you have enough people in your life and you dont need another one to stir the pot. While I do feel compassion for you, it seems that just like a cat you have landed on your feet so there is no need for me to worry. Take care, Thanks for the post, Sweet